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Hello wonderful people of the interwebz and beyond.I thought Id write a journal since I have nothing better to do ATM,I was going to announce the fact that in august Im gonna start my youtube/dA activity again with mocs and maybe some stopmotion videos,since I have some really good ideas.The first video is going to be a video commentary regarding the ccbs/Bionicle G2 complex that put so many twists in the panties of the 10-14 year old immature pricks aka 95.999% the fanbase.

Yersterday as you probably know Lego announced the end of G2 bionicle and fanbots everywhere began to cry and go all "allahu ackar" on lego for doing so.As I quote "LEGO YOU RUINID DIS YOU ASSHULS,MY CHILDHUD IS OVAH O MAY GASH I CUNT BREADE,NO MAKUTA SET HOW DER YOU!".At this point I realised how delusional and idiotic these people are and how I got flak for criticising this abomination of a franchise,Im sorry but I said it eversince the early of 2015 that this line was destined to fail.People bought the sets for nostalgia and that got lego da booty bounty.However you cant trick the average consumer into buying the same smelly shit now with just some sprinkles and 1-2 recolours and clearance pictures have proven it.
The retailers are now stuck with the sets,the consumers are tired of the same ccbs shit that now has been around for 6 YEARS,longer than both the inika system and the old days of no bendable knees,heads and or arms.The sendoff for Journey to One for me has to be the most idiotic endings ever for this line because clearly Lego didnt want to loose any more money to make it a proper sendoff or something and instead made a contest,because.....reasons.....

For this reason I have to make a video about it,Im tired of seeing the fanbots everywhere attack people who gave criticism for this line eversince it began back in 2015.Yes they threatened and called people like me trollz,"geewunners" and sorts of stupid insults only a snot nosed brat would give off.Now I have the deep satisfaction of reveling in their fanbot tears now that the line lasted only 2 years (even less than HF) and I had to suffer flak and negativity both on my YT and dA channel.
While I still love Lego,the question needs to be adressed,does constraction have a future?Or is it something that maybe it shouldve died with the original line that implemented it,Bionicle G1?Its certain that that SW ultrabuilds are way too expensive and mediocre design wise to become the primary constraction line,at this point only time will tell if Lego makes it right again.
Well that was what I wanted to talk about.Im leaving you with this proper situation of G2 ending:

Obi-Wan icon by Nerd4Ewan :"I felt a great disturbance in the fanbase,as if millions of butthurt fanboy voices suddenly cried out to lego and were suddenly silenced."
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After 3 days I've done it,so,all my mocs and revamps are updated and improved upon.Have a look at some of them.
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 Hello ladies and gens,or whoever is left.Tomorrow the fangz revamp is done and man he looks rad,besides my best efforts to rebuild that excuse of a dog Im also planning to do something else besides mixels and revamps (any suggestions would be appreciated).So why my big layoff,simple,college.I managed to get my first year but I fear that the next year is just the battle of a big war to win.So speaking about that I think (still not decided) next year in summer Im gonna quit the sidework on deviantart/youtube.But thats a long strech,it will depend how my efforts will show on grades so yeah.
 So I hope you enjoyed my quackiling and if you have any suggestions and ideas on mocs feel welcome.
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So hear me out my fellow watchers,a guy called Benculeashed on Youtube tried to persuade me on giving info and pics on My Ragnarog MOC.Can I say how much of a troll he is?Yes,he pretended to be a "Lego Designer" BUT we all know legos are made in Denmark and not in Australia where he lives.He also claimed that he made Toa Mata-Nui and Kardas but when I saw his moc on his channel (which was a piece of shit and he said its his sons') he quite contradicted himself.
   The 4th time or 5th time I shut his mouth about his so called "republishing" Bionicle he called me a "dick nob",a troll much?Yep.I do not get why would a troll like him waste time trying to convince people this bullshit.Believe me he did the same thing on Kyler's vid,asking on what mask is that and wants that be posted "as a real"Bionicle again a lego designer as him would've known much more info on the sets and yet he asked such a dumb question,pathetic.
   Now for the offer he made me,he said if I accept I would get "millions" of dollars and made millions of kids happy(a common phrase to his offer:If its too good to be true,then it probably is)but heres the question Im one of the many good moccers out there.Why would he limit on a moc that was from a average user and the moc itself being from my progress to customness era?There is like Biorockdude and all the others with hundreds of subscribers and he calls upon someone like me,again another contradiction to what he said.
  What must be learnt from this?You should never take things for granted,because such things are not that easy to get.Now let me give you an example: A dude comes to you and says he gives you 4000000$ and he says that hes a goverment official,if you help them by giving personal info about you for the job,you'll get the money.Would you belive this man who just comes by and has no way to prove he truly is who he is and just asks for info or other things you have done?
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By DawnofNSSD ,so here are the facts about me and no Im not going to tagg anyone because I dont feel like it.
1→You must post these rules.
2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3→You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.(Nope.Avi)
4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.(Nope.Avi)
5→No tag backs.
6→No crud in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people(Part 2 Of this:Nope.Avi)
1.I live in an mountainous area somewere in the North East of my country.
2.I hate my schoolmates because of the fact that they act like 12 year olds and I'll never get along with immature kids like them,Im also the oldest in my classroom (18 years old)
3.Gonna get a driving license soon,after I learn the legislation and the other shizz.
4.Im a big Dead Space fan and Im always looking forward to a challenge.My score on Dead Space 2 being: I completed 6 times the casual mode,5 times the normal mode,8 times survivalist,3 times Zealot and 2 times Hard Core mode.
5.In real life Im a very loyal friend to those who respect and that have similarities with me.Im also not much of a talkative person when Im not being asked something.
6.My fave snacks are doritos,what more need ya know? >:L
7.I usually read books that seem to be interesting,I will not however read books that are boring and make no sense.
8.Eversince I have this new PC Im a good gamer and love killing my spare time with good games.
9.I have an evil sister that has 12 years and always likes to mock people out of nothing,fortunatly she doesnt dare to annoy me.
10.I like good music that gives your eargasms and etc,usually it keeps me calm and relaxed.
Here you go then,I TAG!
Tag List:
Mr Nothing And His Wife Emptynessa
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Do you think I should post pictures of my mocs on deviant too?
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