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Hello wonderful people of the interwebz and beyond.I thought Id write a journal since I have nothing better to do ATM,I was going to announce the fact that in august Im gonna start my youtube/dA activity again with mocs and maybe some stopmotion videos,since I have some really good ideas.The first video is going to be a video commentary regarding the ccbs/Bionicle G2 complex that put so many twists in the panties of the 10-14 year old immature pricks aka 95.999% the fanbase.

Yersterday as you probably know Lego announced the end of G2 bionicle and fanbots everywhere began to cry and go all "allahu ackar" on lego for doing so.As I quote "LEGO YOU RUINID DIS YOU ASSHULS,MY CHILDHUD IS OVAH O MAY GASH I CUNT BREADE,NO MAKUTA SET HOW DER YOU!".At this point I realised how delusional and idiotic these people are and how I got flak for criticising this abomination of a franchise,Im sorry but I said it eversince the early of 2015 that this line was destined to fail.People bought the sets for nostalgia and that got lego da booty bounty.However you cant trick the average consumer into buying the same smelly shit now with just some sprinkles and 1-2 recolours and clearance pictures have proven it.
The retailers are now stuck with the sets,the consumers are tired of the same ccbs shit that now has been around for 6 YEARS,longer than both the inika system and the old days of no bendable knees,heads and or arms.The sendoff for Journey to One for me has to be the most idiotic endings ever for this line because clearly Lego didnt want to loose any more money to make it a proper sendoff or something and instead made a contest,because.....reasons.....

For this reason I have to make a video about it,Im tired of seeing the fanbots everywhere attack people who gave criticism for this line eversince it began back in 2015.Yes they threatened and called people like me trollz,"geewunners" and sorts of stupid insults only a snot nosed brat would give off.Now I have the deep satisfaction of reveling in their fanbot tears now that the line lasted only 2 years (even less than HF) and I had to suffer flak and negativity both on my YT and dA channel.
While I still love Lego,the question needs to be adressed,does constraction have a future?Or is it something that maybe it shouldve died with the original line that implemented it,Bionicle G1?Its certain that that SW ultrabuilds are way too expensive and mediocre design wise to become the primary constraction line,at this point only time will tell if Lego makes it right again.
Well that was what I wanted to talk about.Im leaving you with this proper situation of G2 ending:

Obi-Wan icon by Nerd4Ewan :"I felt a great disturbance in the fanbase,as if millions of butthurt fanboy voices suddenly cried out to lego and were suddenly silenced."
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thank you for the fav :)
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Im almost done with my exams for this fucking year of hell in college.Betterment of mocs and shit is coming soon.
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You know,I would give a damn about anything you say but after 3 years of being a nobody I really dont care.
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Happy birthday! 
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